Source Nursery is professionally qualified to deliver an array of healthy genetics to licensed farms in California.

Source Nursery Clone Nursery in Humboldt County

We Have a Passion For Farming

Source Nursery was founded by two local Humboldt County brothers with over 20 years of experience in cannabis farming. We grow top-shelf cannabis genetics to share with both indoor and outdoor customers.

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Working with high-quality pest, pathogen, and viroid-free clones is a must in today’s highly competitive cannabis market. That’s why I work with Source Nursery. We purchased over 10,000 clones from Source in 2021 and had record-breaking results. Their soil plugged cuts were hardened off and exploded the moment we planted them. Second run we went straight into beds after 3 days in a shade tent and were stuffed in just four weeks.

– Jesse Duncan, NorCal Financial and Cannabis Consulting

Our commercial cultivation business has been using Source Nursery for the last few years because the clones we order are consistently of the highest quality and delivered on schedule. The strain menu choices are desirable and the clones are clean, strong, and without issues. Furthermore, the staff members are extremely professional, kind and a pleasure to work with.

– Amber Speckman, CEO/Founder SOL 7 FARMS

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As a California licensed nursery, we only do business with state-licensed cannabis farms. A copy of your seller’s permit and a state license is required before we can do business with you. Contact us to place your order.