Clean & Healthy Clones

We predominantly propagate in Ellepot soil plugs to give our clones the fastest growth rate at initial transplant. There is no transplant shock using Ellepot when going to a soil or potting soil based growing medium. If you need a specific medium please give us a call.

Environmentally Resposible

Source Nursery Clone Nursery in Humboldt County

We predominantly use Ellepots, which are soil plugs wrapped in a thin sheet of paper. These mediums are biodegradable in your
garden bed.

Source Nursery Clone Nursery in Humboldt County

We use LED lights to save power.

Source Nursery Clone Nursery in Humboldt County

We use beneficial bugs and organic fungicides and pesticides as part of our IPM program. What’s in the sachets?

Clean & Healthy

Rigorous testing for Hop Latent Viroid (HLVd)

All of our elite mother stock have been triple verified free from HLVd. We perform two tests in-house, waiting at least one month between tests and sampling both roots and leaves. After a second negative result we send samples off for PCR testing. Inquire for more information on our testing procedures. 

How We Prevent Fusarium

  • Our rooting medium is less conducive to fusarium because, after our initial watering, we don’t water again until the clones have roots. Fusarium generally occurs due to over-saturation of the rooting media, which is very easy to do in Rockwool or Peat Plugs.
  • We cook our rooting medium at 130 degrees for 20 minutes to ensure that we are starting clean. Then we inoculate the rooting medium with 5 different strains of bacillus which are beneficial to protect against diseases like fusarium.

Our Strains

Source Nursery delivers well-rooted, hardened-off clones ready to be planted. Every clone is inspected for imperfections to ensure you’re getting the best quality. Our strains are updated every season.

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