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Available Early February/March 2023

We have some heavy hitters that have been in the rotation and some brand new in-house hunted selections.

Caribbean Cookies

Type: Indica Hybrid

Finish: 9 weeks

Genetics: Guava Gelato x OGKB bx1

Notes: Tropical fruit and cookie dough gas terps / Dark colored flowers / Big yield / Bred by  PCG. Great for Bulk Market.

Cherry Dosidos

Type: Indica

Finish: 60-63 days

Notes: Amazing gassy, doughy, hoppy nose, great yields, superb bag appeal, indoor look out of  the greenhouse, and the full sun garden. High THC, high terpene percentage, and all-around fire. Does great in full sun full term gardens and finishes early to mid-October to generally beat  the weather.

Gelato 41

Type: Hybrid

Genetics: Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint Cookies

Notes: Creamy, gassy deliciousness. Bag appeal, with an indoor type look when grown in the  greenhouse. Bag appeal, nose, yield, and color can be on point when done well. This is a  proven winner and the basis for almost all the strains that the market currently desires.

Ice Cream Cake

Genetics: Wedding Cake x Gelato 33

Finish: 8 weeks

Notes: Great color, good yield.  Amazing bag appeal, great for Bulk Market.

Kush Mints 

Type: Indica

Finish: 9 weeks

Genetics: Animal Mints x Bubba Kush

Notes: Super Fire greenhouse strain. Dense, indoor passable when done right with a menthol  gas nose. Tests in the low 30’s and yields well midsummer and full term. Can get some color  with cool temps and cool irrigation temperatures.

La Bomba 

Genetics: Wedding Cake x Jet Fuel Gelato

Notes: Great greenhouse production.  Wedding Cake yield with Gelato nose.

Recent test came back at 37% THC


Type: Hybrid

Genetics: Cookies and cream x Secret Weapon

Notes: Straight up bag appeal like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Buyers will be sure it was  grown inside no matter what. High THC and definitely indoor passable. Friends of ours told us  it sold before anything else for them in 2022. Smells like s’mores with hints of chocolate diesel.

Papaya Berry Runtz

Type: Hashplant

Finish: 9 weeks

Genetics: Strawberry Runtz x Papaya Bomb

Notes: Tart Strawberries, Cookie Dough, and ripe candy papaya terps, does not turn purple and  was selected because they dump lots of hash. Great for Fresh Frozen.


Type: Hybrid

Finish: 9 weeks

Genetics: Slurty 3 x Gush Mints

Notes: Purple Candy gas, Fast Flower time, Big Yield, great for bulk market

Tokyo Snow

Genetics: Hibachi Supreme x The Menthol

Finish: 9 weeks

Notes: Super heavy yields.  Lowers chunk up huge.  Menthol gas nose with nice purple hues.

White Runtz

Type: Hybrid

Finish: 9 weeks

Genetics: Gelato 33 x Zkittlez

Notes: Phenomenal nose, Great color, higher yielding cut of runtz than many others floating  around, great for Bulk Market


Type: Indica Hybrid

Finish: 9 weeks

Genetics: SR-71 Purple Kush x Gush Mints

Notes: Straight purps terps circa 2005 / Increased vigor in veg / Super potent Indica effect /  Purple flower with amazing trichomes / Bred by PCG. Great for Bulk Market

Available March 1st

Big Block #3 

Type: Indica dominant hybrid

Finish: 8 weeks

Genetics: Motor breath x purple punch

Notes: Early finish with good yield potential. Terps really stand out with this one it is loud sour  gas with a hint of grape. Fresh Frozen potential is around a 4% yield and this strain was  chosen for that and the terps.

Dark Rainbow #4

Type: Hybrid

Finish: 10 weeks


Notes: The longer flowering time is well with it for the Dark Rainbow. With fresh frozen hash  yields exceeding 5% it is a great strain to have in your stable. Chosen specifically for its fresh  frozen yields this one has that Garlic, Mushroom, Onion nose that hits you when you open the jar followed by lemon lime skittles terps. It’s the best of both worlds with its gas and  candy. Hash and Rosin have a beautiful color even when taken 9-10 weeks. No need to pull  super early for that light color.

Gas Rancher

Type: indica dominant

Finish: 8.5-9 weeks

Genetics: Cherry Dosidos x Sour Apple Killer

Notes: All gas nose upfront with some sour apple jolly rancher type terps. Coats the mouth  with flavor. Chosen for its fantastic terps and its fresh frozen yield almost hitting 4%. Flower  looks great and has inner purple bracts even with warm evening temps. Chosen specifically for  fresh frozen.


Type: Indica

Finish: 9 weeks

Genetics: unknown (free seed pack from Archive genetics)

Notes: Nose is all gas with a little sour and absolutely zero fruit. Flower looks great out of the  greenhouse and amazing inside. Great yield potential for flower and good yield for fresh frozen  production.


Type: Hybrid

Finish: 9-10 weeks

Genetics: GMO x Rainbow Beltz F1

Notes: Gassy nose leaning more towards the Rainbow belts than the GMO side. Dense, rot  resistant, purple tipped calyxes. Chosen as a fresh frozen/Hash/Rosin strain rather than for  flower. Fresh frozen yields between 4% to 5 %. Rosin terps smell like lemon pines with a hint  of lingering cedar.

Jungle Lava #3

Type: Hybrid

Finish: 9 weeks

Genetics: Jungle Cake x Lava Cake

Notes: Phenomenal strain for greenhouse production. It hits the mark for phenomenally high  testing, super dense, slightly purple, sweet and gassy flower. Tests 30%+ and fresh frozen  yields at almost 4% make this one of our favorite finds this year. Yield potential is very high  with this cultivar.

Motorbreath x Banana Punch

Type: Indica

Finish: 9 week

Genetics: Motorbreath x Banana Punch

Notes: Phenomenal candy gas nose on a green bud. Plant branches a lot and stretches with  good rot resistance from the motor breath side. Specifically chosen for its fresh frozen hash yields hitting 5.22% for us.

Available April 1st


Type: Indica dominant

Finish: 8-9 weeks

Genetics: Purple Thai x Juicy Fruit x Afghani

Notes: Medium stretch, frosty, mad terpy, historical variety. Growing and smelling this took me  back at least 23 years to smoking the exact same genetics when I was 19. We have had  amazingly terpy weed for a long time and reacquainting myself with Blueberry shows me how a  lot of the genetics we are growing today aren’t any better than those of the past. Truly a  nostalgic strain


Type: Indica

Genetics: Gelato x Dosidos

Notes: Heavy yielding in house favorite for us here at Source nursery. Exemplifies the candy  gas nose that the market needs along with phenomenal bag appeal. Not for beginners as this  strain can and will benefit from the extra knowledge and attention of a seasoned  professional. When done right it yields more than any other of the current candy gas hybrids  that we have found. It will turn the correct amount of purple for the current market generally if  flowered early or into the fall. It will stay green when depped midsummer. THC 25%-30%


Type: sativa leaning hybrid

Finish: 9 weeks

Genetics: GMO x Oz Kush BX2

Notes: Phenomenally quick veg time and big stretch potential when flipped to flower. Deep  purple flowers can be produced with adequate environmental controls. Gas and funk nose that  washes great for Fresh Frozen. We have had multiple experienced extractors hit between 4.5%  and 5% yields.

Hazmat OG 

Type: Sativa Leaning hybrid

Finish: 9 weeks

Genetics: Chem 91 x Face-off OG

Notes: Big Stretch with really straight upright growth characteristics. Fast veg with skunk diesel  type terps dominating the term profile. High yielding OG.

Platinum Skittles

Type: Indica

Genetics: Platinum OG x Skittles

Notes: Earthy OG skittles terps are what the market wants and that is what you get with this  amazingly blinged out variety. Medium to large stretch on this one with lots of medium sized  nugs. Color is completely covered in trichomes with a purple blue sheen to it.

Strawberry Banana

Type: indica dominant

Finish: 9 weeks in dep, triggers late for full term and wants to finish towards the end of  October.

Genetics: Banana Kush x Bubble Gum

Notes: Fruit smoothie terps with that high potency to back it up. We have seen it hit 32% and  we have seen fresh frozen yields hit 6% +. If you want to grow an absolutely tried and true hash variety Strawberry banana is the one.

Available May 1st

Gastro Pop

Type: Indica

Finish: 7-8 weeks

Genetics: Apples and Bananas x Grape Gas

Notes: Purple gas is the way to describe this one. Super frosted, gassy grape profile with a very  short flowering period.

Grape Gas

Type: Hybrid

Finish: 60 days

Genetics: Grape pie x Jet fuel Gelato

Notes: The name says it all! This strain is Grape Gas goodness with a fast veg, a high THC  percentage and some good purple coloration.

First Class Funk

Type: Hybrid

Finish: 9 weeks

Genetics: GMO x Jet fuel Gelato

Notes: Big Stretch, generally finishes green with just a hint of purple tinge, high testing, high  yielding, good extraction strain.

Ice Cream Mints

Type: hybrid

Finish: 9 weeks

Genetics: Ice Cream Cake x Animal mints

Notes: Huge Stretch with huge yield potential. Amazing bag appeal with cream gas terps that  jump up out the bag at you. People liked it so much we are bringing it back again so don’t miss  your chance. Will color up early and late but don’t expect as much color if finishing mid  summer.

Jack Herer

Type: Sativa

Finish: 60 days

Genetics: Northern Lights x Shiva Skunk x Haze

Notes: Huge Yields of easy to grow great looking and tasting Flowers. Nose keeps really well in  storage with a terpinolene dominant terpene profile.

Wedding Cake

Type: Indica Dominant

Finish: 10 weeks

Genetics: Triangle Kush x Animal Mints

Notes: HUGE YIELDS. This strain chunks up hard during the last two weeks of flower and  is great for greenhouse production. Super frosty, super dense, sweet gas. Not  generally very purple unless grown in very cool temperatures. Tests in the low 30% range for  THC consistently. This is a modern-day hybrid that actually yields.

Available June 1st


Type: Indica Dominant

Finish: 9 weeks

Genetics: White Runtz x Jet Fuel Gelato

Notes: Great Runtz type strain for greenhouse production. Uniform chunky buds make for good  yields with the Runtz nose make this one a favorite at our partner farm. High testing, great  yield, capable of good color when grown in early dep or full term with cool fall  temperatures. Definitely a good one on the bulk market.

Rainbow Belts

Type: Hybrid

Finish: 8-9 weeks

Genetics: Zkittlez x Moonbow #75

Notes: A more potent version of Zkittlez with an amazing flavor profile. Very sought after by  solventless extractors as well as for its potential for super dank, tasty flower as well. Those Z  terps everyone craves along with the gas on the back end make this strain a real winner.


Type: Indica Dominant

Finish: 8-9 weeks

Genetics: Grape Ape x Grapefruit (sometimes disputed)

Notes: AMAZING FLAVOR! Literally the strongest flavor of any flower we have ever  smoked. Smoking a joint of skittles is like enjoying a dab of most other strains because the  flavor is so pronounced. Not an extremely high testing strain but yields really well and is highly  sought after by solvent-less extractors. Difficult to clone and maybe not the best strain for new  growers but well worth the effort.

2023 Pricing

72-999 clones $7 

1,000- 9,999 clones $6 

10,000 clones and above $5 

Clone Care

We recommend gentle T5 lighting, or a shade cloth for about 4-7 days while transitioning the clones from our nursery to your grow space. This will help your plants grow bigger, faster, and avoid any unnecessary stress. 

Clone Care

We recommend gentle T5 lighting, or a shade cloth for about 4-7 days while transitioning the clones from our nursery to your grow space. This will help your plants grow bigger, faster, and avoid any unnecessary stress.